Archetype Workshops

xCorporeality and rituals

The truth of the body is physical. In its shape, its stresses and strains, strengths and weaknesses, the body is always expressing the multiple aspects of our character: those we are familiar with and those we are less aware of. When we take time to listen, the body is a powerful revealer of archetypes.

During Archetype Workshops, the bodily sensations of participants are explored through the highly effective tools of ritual practices. These include the creation of sacred space, employing the imagination, storytelling, meditation, writing, drawing, movement, etc., all aimed at entering into direct contact with the personal archetypes we embody.

These archetypes make it possible to connect with the most mysterious resources of the psyche, to receive their profound teachings and to activate their potential for transformation in our lives. Ritual workshops create a space of healing for the body and openness for the heart.

Also, being in a group provides a framework where participants help their partners and benefit from the same attention in return. This sets up a synergy where the depth of the work done by one person fertilizes the process for everyone else.

Both playful and sincere, the Archetype Workshops bring movement to the depths within us; integration continues in the weeks and months after the workshop. Since they are always based on what the participants are currently feeling and dealing with, each ritual workshop can be taken more than once as it is a new experience every time.



The personality is a composite of archetypal aspects who perceive reality from different points of view. These viewpoints are all valid, but sometimes they are in disagreement or even opposition. The body manifests these dynamics in the physical realm: they create discomfort, tensions, imbalance.

Following the clues offered by their bodily sensations, participants will be guided through a sequence of exercises that allows them to identify two personal archetypes that are currently the source of internal conflict. A ritual to harmonize these two archetypes will reveal their different perspectives and help them build new agreements in which the needs of both are met more satisfactorily in daily life.


Each one of us has our own unique way of walking. The positive elements of our walk, as well as its constraints and limitations, express the nature of our relationship to reality: the way we walk in the world reflects the way we journey through our lives.

Through rites and exercises in the ritual workshop, participants will come to recognize the personal archetype that is currently expressed by the way they move, and will make a stronger connection with its wisdom, discover the gateways it opens, and access the resources it holds.


Every human being carries a spark of the divine. The Archetype of the Divine Archetype Workshop reveals how it is expressed in each participant’s body.

These individual sparks will be ritualistically assembled into a bigger whole. A Divine Archetype will thus emerge from the group’s collective subconscious. This figure will be honoured and consulted through a shamanistic ritual, so that each can receive it’s guidance, inspiration, and healing energy.

It will finally be returned to the depth of psyche where the transformative work initiated by this experience will continue and be integrated through daily life.



What are Archetypes?

 Archetypes model different aspects of the human psyche. Even though they vary from culture to culture and age to age, they transcend time and beliefs.

Some well-known families of archetypes are the gods of Greek and Roman mythology, the characters in commedia dell’arte, the 22 major arcana of the Tarot of Marseille, the 12 Jungian archetypes, fairy tale figures, totemic animals of indigenous cultures, the elements, the seasons, etc. They may take human, animal or supernatural form, or be objects.

When we connect with archetypes, we recognize that our personal circumstances are time-based manifestations of themes that are universal and timeless. This awareness allows us to draw on the richness of the collective unconscious, our common heritage of all human experience.

This mysterious legacy encompasses all the problematic dynamics of the human condition, as well as strategies to untangle them.

Others have walked the road before us. While their traces may be invisible, they are there, inscribed deep in our subconscious. Working with archetypes is a way to place our feet in their footprints, to move forward one step at a time.     Top of page


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Important: Participants must be present when the Archetype Workshop starts. Latecomers will not be permitted to join a workshop that has already started.