My vision

Personal Vision


(in text) vieil homme profilOur bodies are the physical manifestation of everything we are. The body expresses our cultural and familial heritage, our personal history, our beliefs, our emotions, our spirituality. It is the means by which we perceive the world and enter into relationship with it; the body determines our experience of reality. While in physiological terms the body can be described as a musculo-skeletal system, it is affected by much less tangible factors at other levels.

Touch is an extraordinary way to usher in transformation. It allows a tactile dialogue with everything in the physical world. When I place my hands on someone, I’m contacting a universe so that I can invite in a more spacious and lighter way of being, one that is in better balance and more full of life.

(in text) homme sport, profil GThe sensory explorations that accompany Rolfing help uncover the experiences that underlie restricted postures and movement. With this new awareness, my clients can make different choices. In their daily lives, they can more actively integrate the new flexibility created by the work on the fascia.

As a Rolfing practitioner, I greet the body of each client as it is in the present moment, the sum total of everything it embodies: strengths, weaknesses, resources, paradoxes and mystery. I always work with respect and reverence for the subtle intelligence of the flesh; I use my skills, my sensibility and my experience to serve the sacred that is expressed through human beings. That is my vocation.