The regular practice of meditation facilitates the development of an inner space of silence and stillness, one in which the mind lets go of its perpetual agitation and becomes quiet. Ultimately, this enhanced state of presence allows us to step back from the trials and tribulations of our daily lives so that we can reconnect with our deep essence. We simply rest, with full attention, in the heart of what is, now.

(in text) MJ danseThe Dance-Meditations begin with an active free movement phase (45 to 50 min) supported by various musics – Classical, Rock, Pop, Folk, World, Electronic, New Age, etc. – organized in a special rhythmic progression, which invite us to move, loosen up accumulated tensions, and celebrate life.
They end with a period of silence and stillness, where we drop in a quiet, meditative state, after which we feels lighter, refreshed and more peaceful, and our body and spirit are in better balance.

Dance-Meditations, as well as other Active Meditations practices, have been part of my life for a number of years. I do them for my own well-being, use them in my Archetype Workshops, and offer them in weekly sessions open to all, in Sutton (contact me).