MJ PICT officielle 2016 - copie site wWelcome to my website; it is my pleasure to introduce you to the different aspects of my professional activities E-Mart Mobile.

First, a bit about myself: My father was an engineer and my mother an artist; my inheritance from them are grounded feet and a visionary head. My task is to fully inhabit the space between the two Deep Sea Girl. On the physical plane, the organization of flesh and bones, physical sensations and what they reveal; and, on the more ethereal one, the mysterious depths of psyche wget.exe 다운로드. The work of a lifetime!

And since we can best guide others through territories we have thoroughly explored, the services I offer are all grounded in the body, the doors that greater corporeal awareness opens, the incarnation of Soul 테일즈위버 ost.

My skills are interconnected and mutually enhancing. All draw on the resources I have developed over many years of study, training, practice, exploration and work Download Mad Max Fury Road.

I hope you enjoy learning more about each area of my practice. Also, to gain a broader understanding of the vision behind my approach, I invite you to read the articles I have written (dropdown menu on the right) Happy download me.

Enjoy reading!

Degrees :

– Baccalauréat es arts in French Litterature (1981 – Laval University)

– Certified Rolfer (1985 – http://www.rolf.org/)

– Advanced Certified Rolfer (1989 – http://www.rolf.org/)

– Certified Rolf Movement Practitionner (2002 – http://www.rolf.org/)

– Certified celebrant and ritual maker (2008 – http://www.horites.com/)

– Certified Medium (2010 – http://www.formationenmediumnite.com/formation.html)

Independent Study :

– Faculty of journalism (1977-78, Strasbourg University, France – full time)

– Boulder School of Massage Therapy (1983-84 – Full time)

– Fine Arts (1986-1988, CEGEP Ste-Foy – part time)

Selected Other Trainings, Courses, Workshops :

(Here are mentioned only those  which I pursued more diligently)

– Yoga (since 1981 / various approaches)

– Ki-Aïkido (1983-87 / brown belt)

– Continuing education in Rolfing® (since 1986… To this day!)

– Theatre and Improv

– Choir singing, Voice Work, Vocal Improv

– Family Constellations workshops

– Circle of Presence

– Shamanic work (Vision Quests, Sweat Lodges, Seasonal Rites, Drumming Circles, etc.)

– 5 Rhythms (dance & movement : http://www.5rhythms.com)

Additional Relevant Work Experiences :

– Teacher’s assistant (1996, Rolf Institute)

– Written papers evaluator (1997-99, Rolf Institute)

– Paule Lebrun’s assistant (1995-2006, Ho Rites)

– Training Consultant and Student’s Coach (2006-10, Ho Rites)

– Mentor for students (2013-14, Rolf Institute)

– Rolfing Association of Canada board member (01-2015 to 10-2017)

I also bike, canoe, swim, hike and snowshoe, according to the seasons Download revit 2018. As I grow older, walking in Nature becomes a contemplation, each time an opportunity of deep presence to our World’s beauty…