My perception of reality has always been greater than what is tangible. This intuitive sensibility informs my relations with the world and with others. It also helps me serve my clients better in my work as a Rolfing practitioner and in the ritual workshops.

In 2009 I decided to deepen my intuitive side in a more systematic way by taking a course that lasted more than a year, to more fully develop my skills as a medium.

This is one of the services I offer.

rose-backgr2Channeling starts with a period of silence, a short mediation in which I centre myself in the present moment. This allows me to quiet my mind, to enter a deep interior space, and to open myself to that which is greater than I am. I connect with the Universal Wisdom, the Divine, the Unity, and ask for inspiration and guidance. I am then in a conscious trance.

The client will have prepared three or four questions relating to themselves personally or to someone close (to the extent that the issue concerns the client). They may be about relational, existential or professional matters, etc.

As I listen to the questions, I see images and receive impressions with which I then interact inwardly to express their deeper meaning. These metaphors illuminate new aspects of the subjects being addressed; they reveal unexplored avenues to consider, suggest possible resolutions, and sometimes the simply confirm what the person already knows, which can also be an important gift.

Channelling offers an expanded perspective on reality; one could say it gives access to the soul’s point of view, which opens doors and ultimately heals the heart.

Consultations in person in Sutton, or by phone, Skype, FaceTime, or Video Messenger.

For more information (availability, rates, etc.), please contact me.